On July 2, 1829 the Oblate Sisters of Providence was founded by Mother Mary Lange, OSP, and Rev. James Nicholas Joubert, SS as the first congregation of women religious of African descent. This was the beginning of a legacy that has thrived over the past 179 years in 25 cities in the United States, Cuba, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic and most recently Africa.  As the world's first congregation of women religious of African descent, we spread the good news of Christ by our faith, our love for God, and our firm hope and trust in God's Providence by following the teachings of Mother Mary Lange, OSP, our saintly foundress and our founder Rev. James Joubert, SS.  Our work is primarily among African American communities in the inner cities and Caribbean countries. In these ministries we continue Mother Lange's tradition of education and service to the poor, the neglected, and to all those in need.  The primary deteminants of our ministries are a keen awareness of and a positive response to the signs of the times.