Sr. Avila Avila, OSP

                                       Wanting to be a sister was always in the making.  Discernment got serious in my senior year                                         of high school at St. Catherine Academy in Belize, which was run by the Sisters of Mercy.                                               During that time Sr. Felicia and Sr. Aquinas, both Oblate Sisters of Providence, visited my                                            school.  That was the beginning of my communication with the Oblates.  The next thing I                                               knew, I was writing Mother William, who was then the Superior General.  I left Belize in                                               1959 and realized then that this is where God wanted me to be. 

                                      I served God’s people at quite a few missions, all in the United States.  Here is the list (which                                        is not in alphabetical or chronological order): Christ the King in Orangeburg, SC; St. Teresa                                           in Wilson, NC; Immaculate Conception in Charleston, SC; Holy Name of Mary in Chicago, IL; Diocesan Education Campus in Buffalo, NY; St. Nicholas in Buffalo, NY; Holy Comforter/St. Cyprian in Washington, DC; Holy Redeemer in Miami, FL; St. Gabriel in Mound Bayou, MS; Our Lady of the Divine Shepherd in Trenton, NJ; Bambino Gesu in Philadelphia, PA; St. Mary’s Academy in Norfolk, VA. 

On August 15 I will celebrate 50 years as an Oblate Sister of Providence.  I thank God for all the challenges and blessings He has given and continues to give me on my journey.  I am a very happy OSP!

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