I was born in Camaguey, Cuba.  I thought seriously about becoming a sister when I became a teenager.  My spiritual director sent me to talk with the Oblate Sisters.  I had seen the sisters on the street and they had piqued my curiosity.  After spending time with the Oblates and other communities, I finally decided I wanted to be an Oblate Sister.  I planned to be in the convent forever and never return home.  

God had other plans, however.  I was missioned for many years in Camaguey.  There I was an elementary school teacher and worked with the students in the band.  I also spent some time in our high school in Marianao.  After Castro’s rise to power our Sisters fled to Baltimore.  In the United States I have been missioned in Maryland, New Jersey and Florida.

I will always be grateful to God for His having 
called me to religious life.  My advice to those 
who are considering religious life is to never 
give up.  I experienced many difficulties 
throughout my 70+ years as a sister, but I 
never thought about returning home.  You 
are not following people, you are following 
Christ.  Trust in Jesus and everything will be 

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